These are the bikeshare rules and policies.

Better to ask permission up front than to beg forgiveness later.

If you find you would really benefit from relaxing the rules in a one-off sort of way, call us and ask.  We are pretty flexible.  We are likely to say yes unless we know it would cause a problem.  Call anytime (the emergency number (bottom of the page)) and either talk to us or leave a message with who you are and what you are interested in doing.  If you let us know beforehand, we see that as thoughtful and respectful.  If we find out without you asking, that is disrespectful and could result in consequences up to and including cancellation of membership and loss of deposit.

Half day time limit

Trips should be a few hours in length.  If you need it longer, let us know first.

Any problems, contact us

If anything goes wrong, let us know: the emergency number (bottom of the page).  If the bike is already damaged, let us know at the start of your rental.  If you accidentally damage the bike, let us know and we are likely to be lenient.  If we find out on our own, you are on the hook for the whole repair.

You are responsible for the bike

Once you start a "rental" trip, you are responsible for the bike until the rental is ended and either we check the bike or someone else signs it out.

You are responsible for your safety

CAB does its best to keep the bikes in repair, including checking them regularly. You are responsible to follow all applicable laws and regulations (e.g. rules of the road, helmet requirements if under 18, etc.) and for driving safely. Be a responsible cyclist.  You agree that CAB is not responsible for any accidents you are involved in using CAB bikes.


By using the program, you agree to either provide your own bike lights, or to purchase a set for $2 from CAB. Lights can be picked up from the CAB office (58 Queen St., Kitchener) or from the UWaterloo Sustainability Co-ordinator (Mat Thijssen, EV1 301, 519-888-4567 x30271, - check ahead to make sure he is in when you drop by)

Park the bike someplace sensible, properly locked

The cable should be connecting one wheel to the lock.  The lock should be connecting the other wheel to the frame.  One of the lock or cable should be connected to a solid object, preferably a bike rack.

Ideally the bike will be locked at a CAB rack, or another bike rack, or in an emergency to something solid where someone else might want to use it.  If no one else wants to use it within 4 days from that location, it is probably a bad location.  If you are responsible for leaving the bike in bad locations or rarely usable locations, you could end up having your membership cancelled after a warning.

Don't abuse the system

Abuse of the system could result in anything up to cancelling your membership and losing your rental deposit.  This may also include changing bikeshare rules, potentially without notice but hopefully not, if we find widespread abuse.

CAB Agreement


Community Access Bikeshare (CAB) is a community-based bike sharing project designed to make bicycles accessible to a diverse group of people. As a member, you are an integral part of the project – we need your help to make sure that the bikes are cared for and shared between all members. What does it mean to share bicycles with such a wide group of people? Here is a summary of the practices that we ask each member to follow to help us make the CAB project run smoothly:


Signing Out a CAB Bicycle:

When you sign out a bicycle by unlocking the lock, you are taking responsibility for the bicycle that matches that lock. Before you ride a bicycle, it is important to do a safety check – make sure that the tires are full of air; the brakes, bell and lights work; and that all parts (such as fenders) are securely attached. If it looks like the bike needs some repairs or maintenance, let us know by selecting: “Report an issue” before you sign out the bike, or by calling or texting CAB at the emergency number (bottom of the page), and sign out a different bicycle.


Riding a CAB Bicycle

While a bicycle is signed out under your name, it is expected that you will treat it with care so that it is available to be used by the next rider. These bicycles are intended for city riding, not for off-roading, rough trail riding or stunts. Please do not modify, improve or dismantle the bicycles in any way.


Length of a CAB Trip

In the spirit of sharing, please be thoughtful about how long you keep a bicycle signed out. We are suggesting that 3 hours is a good example of the maximum trip length. This time range is not meant to limit your usage of CAB but to make sure that there are enough bicycles available for other members. If you need to use a bicycle for more than this amount of time, please get in touch with us so that we can talk through some options.


Returning a CAB Bicycle

To return a CAB Bicycle, securely lock it to a CAB Bike Rack. As long as the bike has been locked securely, the bike is once again the responsibility of the CAB project.

CAB staff will be working to make sure that stations don’t get too full or too empty. If by some chance, there is no room at the CAB Station you would like to return your bicycle to, please return the bike to a reasonable locking location nearby.


Taking Care of the Bicycles

Each CAB Bicycle costs us $477 plus add-ons and time. So as members, we need to take extra care to keep the bikes safe. Losing even one bicycle is a major cost for this small community-based project.

Please help us by keeping an eye on the bicycles. If you are walking by a station, take a look to make sure all the bikes are locked securely. If you see anything suspicious, call the police and let us know.

Whenever you leave a bicycle unattended, it is very important to make sure you have locked it securely. Please be intentional about locking the frame of the bike (not just the wheel) to a sturdy bike rack using the lock provided by CAB. It is also important to lock the bike in a well-lit, high traffic area.


Lost or Stolen Bicycles

If a CAB Bicycle goes missing or is stolen while it is in your care, please let us know as soon as possible by calling 519-743-1151 ext. 172 during business hours, or the emergency number (bottom of the page) after hours. We also ask you to help us by covering the bicycle replacement cost of $477.

If it is not realistic for you to cover the entire replacement cost of the bike, please let us know during your membership orientation so that we can think through some options.

If a bicycle is not returned within 24 hours of the sign out time, we may assume that it has been lost.


Damage, Accidents and Breakdowns

When using CAB equipment (including bicycles, locks, keys, racks and keyboxes as applicable), there is a certain amount of normal wear and tear that happens. If there is damage to CAB equipment that is beyond this normal wear and tear, we ask you help us by covering the cost of all parts for the repair.

If you have an accident while on your bicycle, or if the bicycle breaks down in any way, please return the bicycle to a CAB Station as soon as possible. The bicycle will remain your responsibility until the bicycle is locked to a CAB Bike Rack and the key is returned to a CAB Keybox, or the key locked and the rental ended in software. Please also let us know the details of your accident or breakdown as soon as possible by calling the emergency number (bottom of the page).


Riding Safely

While the bicycle is in your care, you are responsible for your own safety and the safety of others using the roads and trails. Though CAB does not provide helmets for you to use, we strongly encourage you to use a helmet while riding a bicycle. If you are under 18 years of age, you are required by law to wear a helmet while riding.

We ask you to follow the Highway Traffic Act while you are riding a CAB Bicycle. If you are not following the rules of the road, any resulting penalties are your responsibility.


Availability of the CAB Bicycles

CAB Bicycles will be available from approximately mid-April to mid-November, depending on the weather. CAB members will be kept updated as the start and end dates of the season become finalized.

We are going to keep working to make sure that bicycles are accessible and there are enough to share among all members. The stations available each year may vary or shift depending on usage and availability. An updated list of operating stations will be available on the CAB website.


CAB Bicycles are for Members

As a CAB member, it is assumed that you will hold responsibility for any bicycle signed out in your name. Your membership is not transferrable and cannot be loaned to another person. If you know of a non-member who is interested in trying out CAB, they are welcome to talk with us.


Responsibility of Membership

By signing up for a CAB Membership, you are agreeing to the importance of sharing the system and bicycles with all members. If we feel that you are not working within the spirit of this agreement, we may suspend your membership until we can come to a resolution.



All membership information is collected solely for the purposes of administering CAB. Information will not be shared with any third party, unless accorded by law, with the exception of anonymous demographic and usage statistics that will be used to promote and evaluate the CAB project.