Here are key things to keep in mind to keep your ride smooth.

Turn off the app when you are not using it.

The app is always looking for bicycles for you to use.  It is using GPS and Bluetooth while doing it.  So if you turn it off when you are not using it (between rides, during longer rides)  your battery will last a LOT longer.

No force on the lock while locking.

To keep power usage down, the locking mechanism doesn't have a lot of strength when turning the "key".  If it isn't locking or unlocking for you, push the two sides of the lock together while opening and closing.

Ask permission, don't beg forgiveness.

If you need to do something that is out of the normal or the rules (e.g. keep the bike longer than 3 hours, take it far away and back) call our emergency line (519-502-0454) BEFOREHAND and let us know.  We will probably say go ahead as long as Bikey will eventually end up back home safe and snug.  If we can't answer, leave us a message telling us who you and what you are up to.  That's how friends treat each other.

Get a good picture.

When ending your rental, you will be submitting a picture of the bike to prove that Bikey is save and happy.  Make it a good picture.  Ensure we can see the lock and bike number and it is clear the bike is locked securely.