You are going to need:

  • smartphone
  • credit card
  • data plan, or only plan to park where you have wifi
  • an interest in pedaling (they don't drive themselves...yet)
  • a helmet (at least if you are under 18)
  • bike lights (either supply your own or contact us for a set for $2)

Detailed Sign Up Instructions

For those of you who like step-by-step instructions, here we go.

1. Pick the appropriate app store below and download the app

2. Start the app

3. Choose the “Not a member? Sign up.” Option

4. Enter your name and e-mail, pick a password, etc.

5. Confirm your account with the link that is e-mailed to you

6. Log in to the app

7. Go to Settings > Payment > + to add your credit card

8. Enter the information, then Save

9. Nearby and pick a bike

10. Pick the plan of your choice

Now you are set up.

Station Map

Here is a map of our stations - great places to park or pick up a bike.


Detailed Usage Instructions

1.  Start the app

2. Choose Nearby (if the app doesn't start there)

3.  Pick a nearby bike.  You can zoom in with double clicking or finger widening.

4.  Press "Start Rental"

5. Press OK on the Bike Checkout Message

6.  Press either circle or square button on the lock to lock or unlock the lock.  (That's a tongue-twister).  If it doesn't lock/unlock when requested, push the lock together.  Sometimes there is force on the lock which holds the mechanism from changing state.

7.  Unlock the bike.  But the lock and cable in the basket or on the lock holder.  You can put both cable ends on the lock and loop it around the seat if using the holder.

8. Ride.

9.  If you want, stop and lock up and do things along the way.

10.  When done, find a bike rack in a suitable place to lock the bike securely, ideally at a CAB rack.  Someplace it is unlikely to get vandalized.

11.  Loop the cable around one wheel, through itself, and then to the lock.  Use the lock to lock the other wheel to the frame.  Either the lock or cable should connect the bike to a rack or other anchor point.

12. Go to the app.  From either the menu screen (Android) or the bottom of any screen (iPhone), press the Stop word or icon.

13. Take a picture of the locked bike.  Try to ensure the photo includes how the bike is locked, and the lock and bike numbers.

14. Stop the app (to save phone power).

Now you have completed an entire ride.

More Information

The bikeshare program is available from sometime in April to sometime in October (then Bikey goes in to hibernate and stay away from the nasty salt).  A deposit is held against your credit card with the rental and for up to a week after.

If you have any issues, call or text us at the emergency number (bottom of the page).

Next Steps

So what are you waiting for?  SIGN UP!