CAB 101

What is bike sharing?

Bike sharing is an innovative year-round transportation system that allows users to take one­-way trips via publicly accessible bikes. Bikes can be returned to any hub anywhere in the system, creating an efficient network with many possible connection points and combinations of departures and arrivals.

Who runs community access bikeshare?

Community access bikeshare is a social enterprise project of The Working Centre.

Do I need a helmet?

According to the laws of Ontario, if you are under 18 you need a helmet.

Why join a Bikeshare?

To have access to bikes in the downtown core, without having to purchase your own, or bring it from home, or maintain it yourself.

How old do I need to be to join CAB?

You should be 18 years and above to join Community Access Bikeshare.

How many bikes and stations are there?

The number keeps changing. At roll-out there were 5 stations and 25 bikes, but they can move around as they are used and may not even be at stations. The app will show you where the ones near you are located.


How it Works 101

How do I sign up?

Once you download the app on your phone you can follow the prompts that help you sign up.  Detailed instructions are available here.

How long does my membership last for?

Depends on the membership you signed up for. Anywhere from 3 days to the entire biking season.

How long can I have a bike for?

You can have a bike for a maximum of 3 hours. If you have special circumstances and need it for longer, let us know and as long as it doesn’t unfairly interfere with other users, we will likely allow the exception.

Can one phone take out more than one bike?

No, the system does not allow the rental of more than one bike per user.

Where can I sign-out bikes from?

Check out the app for all our bike locations.

What do I do if I need to make a stop during my rental period?

You do not need to stop your rental on the app when making a stop. Just lock the bike and the app keeps running in the background while you run your errands. Do not stop the rental when you make a stop because the app does not charge you for the time.

What happens if I lock up the bike outside a service area?  

Bikes must be locked at a bike rack at the end of a rental - ideally a CAB rack.  Please call us at the emergency number (bottom of the page) to let us know if you cannot return the bike to a bike rack for any reason.

What if I need the bike longer than the time allowed?  

Please call us at the emergency number (bottom of the page) to let us know what you need. If reasonable we might allow it if you let us know beforehand.

What if the bike is stolen?  

Please call us at the emergency number (bottom of the page) to let us know with the details. You may or may not be responsible for the cost of the bike.

What if the bike is broken or is in need of repair?  

You can report any issues with the bike on the Bitlock app. Click on “report issue”.

Does my membership renew automatically when I sign up?

Yes.  It will auto-renew at the end of your plan.  You can go to Settings > Manage Memberships at any time and simply cancel your membership.

Isn't there a key-based version of this?

Yes.  We also run an older key-based version, centred more in Kitchener.  They share the same racks.  You can be a member of both for the same fee by contacting us at to let us know.

Costs and Billing

How much does it cost to join CAB?

Depends on the plan. At time of writing our rates were:

Annual: $65

Summer Student Special: $30

Monthly: $20

3-day: $10

Can I sign up without a credit card?

No. All transactions occur through the credit card.

How do charges appear on my credit card?

They should appear as "CABikeShare at TWC".

Do I get any form of receipt?

You should receive e-mailed notices of payment from "K-W Working Centre for the Unemployed" via (our payment processor).

Are there day or weekly passes?

There is a 3-day pass for very short term or trial rentals.

Can I change my membership at any time?

You may purchase a NEW membership at any time and ignore the old one.

Are there costs for a stolen bike?

There may be. It depends on the situation. Call us on the emergency number if the situation arises.

Do I need to repair a bike I notice has an issue?

No. CAB does all repairs. If the damage was willful on your part, you may have to pay for it.

Are there discounted memberships?

Sometimes. Talk to us if you feel your situation is worth consideration.


Lock Troubleshooting

Is there a manual available?

Yes.  Here.

What type of phones does it work with?

Currently, iPhone 4S (iOS 9.3) and newer and Android phones running  Jelly Bean 4.3 (released 2012) or later with Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) hardware.

What do I do if I do not receive the password reset e-mail I am expecting?

Check your spam/junk emails.

What do I do if my phone battery dies or I lose internet access?            

Call CAB on the emergency number (bottom of the page) and we will provide you with instructions on how to proceed.

What do I do if the app starts acting funny or won’t let me end a rental?

Stop and re-start the app.

To stop app,


1) Tap on the square button on the left to display the apps currently running on your device.

2) Click on the “X” that appears at the right hand corner of the BitLock app.

3) BitLock app should close down.


1) Double click on the home key.

2) A page showing all recent apps in use pops up.

3) Swipe the BitLock app page upwards.

To restart app,

Click on the BitLock app icon on your device menu and follow the instructions.

What do I do if the lock does not lock and remains green?

Apply pressure to push the lock together while pressing button to lock the lock.

When I press either of the buttons, Bitlock won't open what should I do?

Ensure app is on and connected to the lock. Please use both hands when unlocking to apply inward pressure on both ends of the lock while pressing the button on the lock.

System doesn’t recognize that I have returned and locked the bike.

You may need to restart the app.  If that doesn’t work, call us the emergency number (bottom of the page).

I can’t seem to see any discovered bikes even when my Bluetooth is on

They are all out. Try again later. And let us know so we can consider some additional bikes.



How do I contact you

Call or text us at the contact numbers on the bottom of any website page. If we do not answer the phone immediately during after-hours calls, please leave a message and we will get back to you as soon as possible.