Who is CAB?

Community Access Bikeshare (or CAB) is an innovative project designed to provide affordable public access to bicycles. Bikeshare members can access CAB bicycles at convenient locations in our community - use a bike to get to a meeting, run errands, or meet a friend. It can be a spontaneous activity, or part of your daily routine.

Members participate in CAB in the spirit of sharing bicycles as a community tool. Together, we contribute towards a culture of sustainable transportation that has a focus on inclusivity.

Our Story

CAB is a program of The Working Centre.  It sees itself as an independent instrument of self-help community development.

CAB started out with a small investment and a series of one-speed bikes over 7 years ago.  Many technology options have been interviewed over the years.  A few years ago a key-box and card system was installed with the stations that allowed for 24/7 independent sign-out.  High tech smart locks got added this year from Bitlock for a series of bikes, mostly in Waterloo.  And this fall a trial with DropBike, a Canadian startup, will be added to see how well their technology can serve the community.

Meet the Team

Something like this doesn't happen without people behind it who are dedicated to the cause.  Here are our key team members.


Program Administrator

Our go-to person.  Paulina heads up the program and keeps everything turning smoothly, including organizing volunteers.  You might say she is "steering our group bike ride".


Head Mechanic

Someone has to get down and dirty and know how all the nuts and bolts are connected.  That's James, our expert bike mechanic.  He also leads the volunteers that want to help keep the wheels on our "bike bus".


CABshare Bike

Our trusty steed.  Ready to take us where we need to go.

Want to Help?

If this sounds like fun, you should join us.  Help keep Bikey in good shape and on the road.

Sponsor CAB or a station

Want to help us in a way only a few can?  Sponsor a station at your location, or support CAB directly or indirectly via advertising.

Station Sponsors

Besides great people, we couldn't do this without our sponsors!  Thank-you.