Closed for the season

Yup.  Winter is coming, and Bikey has gone into hibernation for the season.  We hope you manage to keep warm and dry, and to see you again in the spring!

How You Benefit


Owning a bike during school is a hassle.  But using one for a quick trip, especially after an evening class, is great.  CAB is your solution.


"My bike is at home, but it would be a short hop to my meeting or lunch if I had it here."  Want to get your business involved in bikeshare?  We can help!


Downtown is so close. And parking is so annoying. Why not take a bikeshare bike? Even if going only one way.


Want to see the Region by bike?  To our knowledge you can't rent a bike anywhere else in town (and rental bikes are typically $30-60 per day).  Use a bikeshare bike whenever you want during your visit for the price of a few coffees.

How It Works


Download the Bitlock app.  Set-up your account.

Sign out

Open the App.  Follow instructions to rent a bike.


Use 2 hands to squeeze lock together lightly when locking or unlocking. Use cable and lock to secure both wheels and frame.

Sign in

Open app and follow instructions to end rental.  Close app when done to conserve battery power.

It couldn't be simpler

The system is built on 4th generation bikeshare technology. Download the app, sign up, then the lock and your smartphone become one and you are as free as a wheel.

Of course, it is technology so things always go smoother when you keep a few things in mind, but that's life for you.

If you like details, you can see a more detailed version of how it works and even our station map.


You are going to need:

  • smartphone
  • credit card
  • data plan, or only plan to park where you have wifi
  • an interest in pedaling (they don't drive themselves...yet)
  • a helmet (at least if you are under 18)
  • bike lights (either supply your own or contact us for a set for $2)

That's it.


  • All bikes are step-through hybrids with front baskets and adjustable seats.
  • All plans have access to all bikes 24/7.
  • All plans auto-renew at the end of the term. To cancel auto-renewal, after your last ride, got to Settings > Memberships and Cancel your membership.
  • As long as the system works, you can park anywhere within 2km of uptown Waterloo, as long as the bike is in a safe location, or tied to a CAB or city rack.
  • You can rent the ride without even being at it, starting your ride time and reserving your bike

Annual or Monthly Membership

Pay once.  Ride when you want.  $65 covers you until November.  Or $20 does the month.

3-day Membership

Want to try it out?  This option is for you.  Just $10 and you can give it a ride for a few days.

Summer Student Special

Just here for the summer?  This is the choice for you.  $30 and we got you covered for the term.


So many good things

A bikeshare has so many benefits - but they feel like they can be summarized in one word: freedom.

A bikeshare let's you decide to take a bike at the last minute.  No parking congestion.  As close to door to door as you can get.  A bit of exercise to keep your body healthy.  And all while doing a little bit for the environment.

Next Steps

So what are you waiting for?  SIGN UP!

Want to help?

We love volunteers.  They help us run the program and maintain bikes.  If you want to be a closer part of the team, come help!

Sponsor CAB or a station

Want to help us in a way only a few can?  Sponsor a station at your location, or support CAB directly.

Station Sponsors

Besides good people, we can't make this all work without our Sponsors.  Thank-you.