A new year and as normal ... things are different.

A new year brings new changes.  This year Community Access Bikeshare will be bridging our program to a new smartlock bikeshare provider, DropBike.  DropBike is a Canadian company (based out of Toronto).  They will be launching the bikeshare in the Region of Waterloo this spring.  They are currently in the process of signing agreements with the cities of Waterloo, Kitchener and Cambridge (yes, hopefully Cambridge joins in this year). Sadly, this all takes a bit of time to get going, so we are not starting next week.  We are not sure what week things are starting.

Using DropBike

If you’d like to use the Dropbike service, and are active on social media, please follow Dropbike on any of:

You can also download the Dropbike app and get notifications once the system is launched:

DropBike will be launching using all the normal CAB bikerack stations, and will add new ones as the season progresses.

No SmartLock Please

If you don’t want to use a smartlock bike system, the best option for low income individuals for getting a bike is through the access point of Recycle Cycles. For many different reasons the community bike shop is a great place to buy a good but inexpensive bike, and learn about getting one's bike repaired and tuned up. The bike shop is a consistent support that works very well for hundreds of people each year.

For more information about Recycle Cycles, here is their website at The Working Centre


SmartLock Please?

CAB will be selling off the previous Bitlock smartlocks.  If you are interested in one, drop us a line (bikeshare @ theWorkingCentre.org).  Eventually they will be for sale at Recycle Cycles too.

How You Benefit from a BikeShare


Owning a bike during school is a hassle.  But using one for a quick trip, especially after an evening class, is great.  CAB is your solution.


"My bike is at home, but it would be a short hop to my meeting or lunch if I had it here."  Want to get your business involved in bikeshare?  We can help!


Downtown is so close. And parking is so annoying. Why not take a bikeshare bike? Even if going only one way.


Want to see the Region by bike?  To our knowledge you can't rent a bike anywhere else in town (and rental bikes are typically $30-60 per day).  Use a bikeshare bike whenever you want during your visit for the price of a few coffees.


So many good things

A bikeshare has so many benefits - but they feel like they can be summarized in one word: freedom.

A bikeshare let's you decide to take a bike at the last minute.  No parking congestion.  As close to door to door as you can get.  A bit of exercise to keep your body healthy.  And all while doing a little bit for the environment.

Station Sponsors

Besides good people, we can't make this all work without our Sponsors.  Thank-you.